Queerly Beloved: representation on air

By Karlee Lewis

One of WXJM’s newest additions, “Queerly Beloved”, airs on Thursdays from 7-8pm. Station manager Mike Dolzer, (co-host of “Roadside Blasphemy” that airs directly before) came up with the concept of the segment. “Queerly Beloved” is a show that focuses on being an LGBTQ+ student that is co-hosted alongside Mike Dolzer by junior communications major Cecily Thomas,  junior psychology major Paula Richards, sophomore graphic design major Max Bagley, sophomore health services administration major Mady Starke and sophomore SMAD and SCOM major Annelise Kyle. As members of the LGBTQ+ community, all five hosts are hoping that the show can serve as a casual yet informative way to represent the community on air.

The show is divided into four segments. It is a combination LGBTQ+ related news and events, and general conversation from the views of people within the community who have experienced being an LGBTQ+ student. The first show was primarily focused on dating applications and which ones are more user-friendly for those within the community. All four hosts discussed their personal experiences with different apps and said which ones seem to be the best fit. The show is witty and funny, yet still covers serious issues. When the hosts used LGBTQ+ specific terms that all audience members may not have been familiar with, they defined them, allowing a more informed audience. They discussed other related topics like sexism, fetishization, politics, JMU LGBTQ+ resources, safe spaces, and battles with coming out.

The hosts show a great deal of compatibility with each other and passion for the subject overall. This show is the first radio experience for three hosts (with Cecily being the exception). They mentioned being nervous, but also excited to bring a new point-of-view to the station and radio in general.

All in all, “Queerly Beloved” is a daring step in the world of college radio. It helps to normalize being queer, while also being informative to help audience members who may not be as involved in the terminology and overall experiences of being in the community. Both fellow LGBTQ+ and those who simply wish to educate themselves can give the show a listen and learn while also having a good time.

xX Long live college radio Xx