Managing Staff

Callie Knight-Van Dyke (She/They) - General Manager

Callie Knight-Van Dyke is a Junior majoring in History and Secondary Education. When her head is not in a book you can usually find her watching movies or playing video games.


Caitlin McGeehan (She/Her) - Program Director

Caitlin McGeehan is a Junior double majoring in Marketing and Music Industry. You can also find her giving tours with Student Ambassadors, listening to pop punk, or going for long drives.


Second Line

Declan Leach (He/Him) - Talk Show Director

Declan Leach is a Sophomore in SMAD with a concentration in Digital Video and Cinema, and a minor in philosophy. He spends much of his time shooting videos for live bands downtown, writing mediocre music and screenplays, and generally making merry. If this isn't nice, I don't know what is!

Holly Hazelwood (She/Her) - Event Head

Holly is a Junior English MSSE major. She enjoys numerous grandma activities such as crocheting, reading, and cuddling her cat!

Jane-Clare Elliott (She/Her) - Social Media & Merchandise Coordinator

Jane-Clare is a Junior hospitality management major double minoring in music industry and general business. If JC is not at WXJM, she is probably working at Starbucks, going to live shows, or hanging out somewhere downtown!

Harley Higgason (She/Her) - Booking Agent

Harley is a Junior finance major, and occupies her time with coffee trips, evening walks, and a bit of guitar playing here and there.

Annie McGowan (They/Them) - Dead Possum Editor

Annie McGowan is a Junior at JMU majoring in SMAD and History. They are a proud lover of bugs and enjoys making zines, hanging with their friends, reading, and making lattes.​​

Kaycie Robertson (She/Her) - Dead Possum Coordinator

Kaycie is a Junior Art History major with an Anthropology minor, she likes reading and drawing, listening to music and spending time with friends.

Noah Mills (He/Him) - Web Designer

Noah is a Senior SMAD major with a concentration in Interactive Design and a minor in Music Industry. In his free time he enjoys writing music, playing soccer, and filming drum videos.

Jack Lerch (He/Him) - Senior Music Director

Jack is a Senior SMAD major with a concentration in Journalism and a Music Industry minor. He enjoys playing guitar, making dance music in Logic, and gardening.

Kingston Thomas (He/Him) - Music Director

Kingston is a Sophomore SMAD major with a concentration in Journalism. For fun, he enjoys playing video games, reading, and playing guitar at totally reasonable volumes...

Julianne White (She/Her) - Music Director

Julianne is a Junior Anthropology and Art History major with an Art minor. She loves reading on the quad, crocheting, and spending time with friends.

Caroline Sokol (She/Her) - Music Director

Caroline is a Senior psychology major with a minor in anthropology. She enjoys lap swimming and contemplating the chemical structure of the universe (usually at the same time)

Jamie Panko (She/Her) - Intern

Jamie Panko is a Junior Political Science and PPA major with an Honors minor. She loves wandering antique stores, drinking tons of coffee, and posting songs on her Instagram story.

Sophia Miller (She/Her) - Intern

Sophia is a Sophomore SMAD major with a concentration in Digital Video & Cinema and an Honors minor. Enjoyer of film, nature, and spending too much time choosing Spotify playlist covers.

Madison Wise (She/Her) - Intern

Maddy is a Senior Communication major with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in the music industry. In her free time she enjoys playing with her dog Frankie, and hanging out with friends!