Managing Staff

Kate Bean (She/Her) - General Manager

Kate is a SMAD journalism major. She hosts "The Uninvited Afterparty" a talk show about film & media. She loves video essays & Fiona Apple. When she's not at the station or the movie theater she can be found playing the NYT mini crossword, reading horror novels, or going to shows with friends.


Caitlin McGeehan (She/Her) - Program Director

Caitlin is a senior majoring in Marketing with a minor in Music Industry. She is also a tour guide with Student Ambassadors and plays keyboard in the band Regression!!

Second Line

Grayson Hendrix (He/Him) - Talk Show Director

Grayson is a Junior English major. He's very interested in multimedia performance, mostly within the context of his group, DOOMSDAYx3. He loves Russian poetry and hosts a talk show which tries to revive the old school radio play drama, with modern avant-comedy elements.

Holly Hazelwood (She/Her) - Community Event Head

Holly is a senior double majoring in English and MSSE who loves all things media and crafts. Her ideal activity is watching a good movie while crocheting a fun lil project!

Sophia Miller (She/Her) - Social Media & Merchandise Coordinator

Sophia is a Senior SMAD Major with a Concentration in Digital Video & Cinema and an Honors minor. She is an enjoyer of film, nature, concerts, and spending too much time choosing Spotify playlist covers.


Max Berger (He/Him) - Booking Agent

Max is a Senior majoring in Computer Science. He enjoys playing guitar or hanging out downtown.

Kaycie Robertson (She/Her) - Zine Editor

Kaycie is an Art History major and Anthropology minor. She loves to read, draw and go to the movies with friends!

Ben Bonnell (He/Him) - Web Designer

Ben is a sophomore Computer Science major, he likes cars, listening to music, and working on various personal projects.


Kin Thomas (They/Them) - Senior Music Director

Kin is a Junior SMAD Journalism major from Hampton, Virginia. When they aren’t doing database uploads, they play guitar, play video games and read and write. Additionally, they host a show for WXJM called, “The 1000 Terrors with Kin Wakes,” on Friday’s from 6-7:30, which plays a variety of Alternative Rock music. Some of their favorite bands include The Cure, My Chemical Romance, Brand New, Christian Death, and Black Flag.

Bryce Kelso (He/Him) - Photographer

Bryce is a Senior Marketing major with plans to work somewhere in the entertainment/ fashion industry. In his free time he enjoys thrifting, sewing, videos games, and taking pictures for @JMUFits, an instagram account he runs with his friend Hassan. Check out his radio show “A Billion Burgers” on Wednesdays from 2-3:30pm!

Syd Strickland (She/They) - Videographer

Syd Strickland is a senior SMAD Digital Video and Cinema student at JMU. She enjoys being a mysterious girl, being a cool girl, live-streaming awesome bands, and editing sick videos.

Elizabeth Orr (She/They) - Music Director

Elizabeth is a junior CSD major with a minor in linguistics. If she’s not at the station you can probably find her on the quad or doing some sort of craft project.

Aidan Love (They/She) - Music Director

They are a social work major with a minor in anthropology. Her two loves are community service and music.

Julianne White (She/Her) - Music Director

Julianne is a senior majoring in Art History and Anthropology. In her free time, she loves reading, crafting, and spoiling her dogs!

Caleb Harris (He/Him) - Intern

Caleb is excited to be an intern this year! He is a sophomore Marketing and SMAD major and it is his second year at WXJM. He is super interested in the music and art scene in Harrisonburg and loves to be involved in all types of live music. This year, Caleb is helping with the WXJM zine and could not be more ready! Bust!

Hassan Ali (He/Him) - Intern

Hassan is a SMAD major and has a passion for music, movies, and pop culture-y stuff. He’s a drummer for Project Serenity and also does photography on the side for his side project.

Colin Chiarossi (He/Him) - Intern

This is Colin, a junior communication sciences and disorders major with a linguistics minor. In his spare time he can usually be found reading, playing music, or at a show.

JJ Garcia (He/Him) - Intern

JJ is a senior digital marketing major with a music industry minor. In his free time, he enjoys writing and producing music, working on cars, and eating Mexican food.

Jordan Malinowski (She/Her) - Intern

Jordan is a 3rd year History major with a concentration in Public History. She enjoys listening to loud music, being bad at crochet, and watching unnecessarily long video essays!