12-1:30AMLaila Peterson
"After Dark"
Ben Beaver "D-Hall Tomorrow"Ruben Garcia "The Vault"Jess Ooley
8-9:30AMKate Baldwin
"Kinda Late with Kate"
Caleb Divers
"Weekly Dose of Divers"
Ryan Straub & Adam Klein "The Undergraduates"Gram Sher "Reminiscing"
10-11:30AMZoeColby Owens
"Hip Hop House Party"
Aidan Love "Love on Air"Kate & Mason "Uninvited After Party"Brevin Bugauisan
"Fear Frequency"
12-1:30PMCordelia Din & Christabell DeMichele
"Post Church Brunch"
David Bauserman & Camren Rutz
"Into the Rabbithole"
Henry Matter
"The Quiet American"
Elizabeth Orr
"indoor recess"
Morgan PetersonJacqueline Reed
"yr afternoon breakdown"
Jeremy Lapidus
"Triple Threat Show"
2-3:30PMAndrew George
"Gazing upon a good pair of sneakers"
Colin ChiarcossiHolly Hazelwood
"spill the beans"
Bryce KelsoJane-Clare Elliot
"Off the Record"
Jennifer Zhao
"Art Angels"
Sarah Gilmer
"Tunes n Grooves"
4-5:30PMDrew DeBerry
"Everything But the Kitchen Sink"
Caitlin McGeehan
"A Sunnier Side of Things"
Sully Haq
"Radio is the New Vinyl"
ReservedSerena Philipsen "Score"Grant Sibley
"3 Couches Power Nap Hour"
Michael Sams
"SwagMikey Radio Official"
"on air, don't care"
Liam Payne
"Payne Train"
Mackenzie Aspland "Stopping by the Applestand"Katie Tucker
Zora Dulaney "The lala hour"Kin Thomas
"The 1000 Terrors With Kin Wakes"
Syd Strickland
"Worms in Ur Brain"
8-9:30PMEmily Host
"Dazed and Amuzed"
Caleb Harris
Campbell Wood
"The Camp Out"
Jordan Malinowski "getting down and delusional"Kaycie Robertson "Indie Jones"Noel James Okoth
"Nonchalant with Noel & Ant"
Kathy Brubaker
"Across the Universe-ity"
10-11:30PMMatt Souza
"Basement Trax"
Aubrey Vu, Emily Kuni, & Jaden Case
"Sundown at the Stoop"
Julianne White & Kaycie RobertsonPiper Brown
"Late Night Sonder"
Grayson Hendrix "THIS IS IT"Hayley WatersBen Fernandez
"Bedtime Boys"