DJ of the Month:

By Ally Engelbrecht

DJ Matt Callahan, a senior writing, rhetoric and technical communication and media arts and design double major, has been chosen as "DJ of the Month" for October. WXJM writer Ally Engelbrecht sat down with him for a few minutes to talk about his hip-hop show, "Unbranded Content."

Ally: What’s your music taste?

Matt: I really just listen to hip-hop, like exclusively. I’ve been to some really good concerts recently, like I just saw BROCKHAMPTON, they played STAR seven times in a row...seriously. I’ve also seen Young Thug, ASAP Ferg, Future and Migos. I’m just really excited about the current hip hop scene, they way it’s grown into a different subgenres, it’s cool.


Ally: That’s awesome, so tell us about your show! I’m guessing it’s hip hop?

Matt: Yes! I have a show on Tuesdays from 10pm til midnight, and yeah it’s a hip hop show. This is my first semester having a show. I’ve been kind of involved in WXJM for a couple of years but I finally decided to have a show this year. I really like it, getting to share music with everyone and just talk about hip hop, too.


Ally: What is your style as a DJ?

Matt: Like I said, I talk about hip hop a lot … just rambling between songs. I don’t have a co-host so I get to talk about and play what I want. I make the playlist live on air so I don’t really have a plan of what I will play.


Ally: Tell us about yourself as a human! What do you like to do and such?

Matt: I got more involved on campus this year; I’m a video editor for the Breeze and the founder and president of a club called Chocolate Milk Mondays. We meet every Monday just to relax and have some chocolate milk … I figured people needed a time to relax and it’s on a Monday night so have that time at the start of the week ya know.


To catch Matt's show on air, tune into 88.7 FM, or "Listen Live" at

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