WXJM Turns Thirty!

October 1st was WXJM's 30th anniversary! To celebrate the occasion, we connected with radio alumni to get stories about their time with WXJM. Below are some photos and stories from WXJM's past! For more, please go to the WXJM Instagram page.

It was like being part of an infancy. We'd just started with our FM transmitter and were learning on the fly everyday.

James Dunn

I love being able to say I did college radio. It provided opportunities for me to step out of my comfort zone. I have so much appreciation for the art of music and how it inspires people.

Katie Geneckzo-Box

It was personally rewarding to educate myself and my friends about new music. Part of the goal of education is pursuit, and that is what we did at WXJM, we pursued what's next.

Chris Mooney

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xX Long live college radio Xx