Top Five Fall New Releases

By Victoria Dravis

With the arrival of cold weather comes a surge of new music begging to be listened to throughout the weeks leading up to finals. Whether it’s singles or full albums being announced, the end of the fall season promises tunes that will carry into the New Year. These five recent releases have made quite an impression on the alternative music scene, and will leave you thankful (just in time for Thanksgiving!) for awesome songs produced by awesome artists.

“Look at Your Hands” - Tune-Yards

Coming off a four-year album-hiatus, Tune-Yards teased their new LP “I can feel you creep into my private life” -- dropping in January of 2018 -- by releasing “Look at Your Hands,” a punchy electro-pop song with a bit of an off-kilter approach. Lead singer Merrill Garbus’ vocals are on full display over a quick beat, and the song is an expected follow-up to their popular single “Water Fountain.”

“Outsiders” - Au/Ra

If Marina Diamandis sang cuts from Transviolet’s debut album, you would have Au/Ra, a new face in indie pop. Her song “Outsiders” has all the makings of a hit, down to the subject of the song (“We might be the outsiders, but the in-crowd is so out right now”). Perfect for an angsty night drive.

“All My Friends Are Robots” - Arrested Youth

Virtually unknown currently, Arrested Youth is sure to take the music scene by storm in the near future. With an old school feel, “All My Friends Are Robots,” the band’s first ever single, stays true to the title. The lead singer’s voice takes on a loose electronic tone, making the listener wonder if he, too, is just like his friends. With a mix of hip-hop, alternative, and a splash of lo-fi, Arrested Youth is an artist to keep an eye on.

“With You” - Twin Peaks

Chicago-based band Twin Peaks announced in early November that they are going on tour with Portugal. The Man, and released a new single that same day. With a garage rock-driven sound, the group is able to appeal to the masses, young or old. A little psychedelic but a little more bouncy, “With You” feels like a taste of summer on a chilly autumn day. But don’t let the music fool you — the lyrics take on a melancholy theme of lost love.

“Pearly” - Palm

Yet another album to look forward to, “Rock Island” will be put out by Palm in February. To hold us over, although, the band has graced us with “Pearly,” the first single from the record. Beginning the song with electronic influences, it flourishes into a tropical paradise, Caribbean steel drums and all. Palm takes a slower approach on the track compared to other singles they have released, yet still manages to find a way to keep the listener engaged throughout.

Although artists, old and new, release music every day, these five songs should keep you jamming for a good amount of time. WXJM encourages our readers to always be on the lookout for new music. You never know -- your new favorite band could just be a listen away!

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