DJ of the Month: Aaron McCann

By Kevan Olsen


WXJM’s DJ of the month for November has been awarded to Aaron McCann, a senior music industry major at JMU, with a passion for Loud Rock as a DJ and composer. Writer Kevan Olsen sat with him to discuss his show, “The Noise with Sick Rick” as well as his connection with the genre.

Kevan: You’re a loud rock DJ, what got you into the genre?

Aaron: Well at first when I was coming into WXJM, I had two options to choose from, more or less. It was either going to be urban RPM or Loud Rock. Since what I listen to regularly on a day to day basis is Metal, although I do also listen to rap, given the choice I figured I would go with loud rock since it’s what I feel the most connected to personally.


Kevan: What excites you about Loud Rock today?

Aaron: It’s one of the most musically experimental, it involves the most intense amount of musicianship. It can also make a statement that can be very hard to grasp at first, because a lot of the time it’s hard to understand what the artist is saying. So that’s what makes it interesting for me, and it’s just angry! And I’m angry all the time - it’s nice to have something to go along with that.


Kevan: So, tell us about your show!

Aaron: So, "The Noise with Sick Rick" is what culminated for me in my experience with rock DJs over the past several, well just throughout my entire lifetime I would hear these rock DJ’s come on with names like 'The Noise,' not necessarily but they would have phrases like, “smell my face” or “eat my breath” like that stuff that’s just really gross, and they would just come off as d*****bags. So that was really my reasoning behind the show, with "Sick Rick" and "The Noise" I kind of wanted to do that but take it a step further but with what’s appropriate on the radio obviously.


Kevan: What kind of things do you do outside the station?

Aaron: Right now, a full-time college student. But I mean I’m recording music constantly, for anyone who isn’t familiar I make radio jingles. I made my own radio jingle for "The Noise." I’ve been interested in reaching out to other people who may want one, but I haven’t heard back from a lot of people who are interested for that. But aside from that I’m always playing or recording something because I’m a music major. Part of it is academic, the other part is personal drive and interest.


Kevan: Where do you think Loud Rock or WXJM will lead you? What’s the dream?

Aaron: Well, the dream is very strange right now, I want to go to grad school after I graduate. I want the WXJM community, "Sick Rick," "The Noise," these things to add to my legacy here at JMU. To be something that I know I was capable of fulfilling, radio has always been something I was curious about at least dipping into, and now that my feet are wet I think I’m glad that I decided to take that dip.


To catch “The Noise with Sick Rick,” tune in to 88.7 FM or “Listen Live” at on Friday nights 8 - 10 PM.


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