The faces behind JMU Sports Talk Radio

By Logan Chaudoin

Tenney Rosenblum, a junior political science and SMAD double major, and his co-host, Dominic Catapano, a freshman accounting major, have brought their love for all things sports to WXJM to create the “JMU Sports Talk Radio” show. This is Rosenblum’s second year being a member of student radio. Last year,  WXJM alumnus led the debut year of the show which Rosenblum co-hosted. I decided to sit in on the sports show because I think it is important to showcase all of what WXJM is about: more than just music.

Rosenblum mentioned what topics would be covered that day, and he sort of guessed around, saying “the NCAA tournament mostly. Maybe baseball.” Currently March Madness is the hot topic so the first thirty minutes of the show were spent discussing who might make it to the Final Four, the upsets that have occurred, and what each co-host wants to see happen out on the courts.

Both Rosenblum and Catapano are also huge fans of football and spent a solid fifteen minutes debating who might get drafted onto which teams. Just listening to them both be so strongly opinionated,  knowledgeable and passionate about the sport was amazing to hear.

“Well I’m a huge fan [of sports] and I listen to a lot of podcasts, and so I saw the opportunity and wanted to take it,” Catapano said. After hearing both Catapano and Rosenblum speak about sports, it is apparent that their passion for it is not fading anytime soon.

Both hosts agreed that if an opportunity for a career in sports radio arose, they would both strongly consider it. As for now, they both plan to do the show together again next school year.

Both guys also said that their favorite part of radio was just getting to talk about things they like.

“We do it with friends anyway, so why not do it where people might listen,” Rosenblum said, capturing everything that college radio stands for. Radio is more than just music; it is for sports, life, movies, conspiracy theories, and anything else you can imagine.

You can listen to Rosenblum and Catapano discuss all things sports on Thursday nights from 6-7 pm on air at 88.7 FM or online at

xX Long Live College Radio Xx