Thankful for College Radio: A Playlist from the WXJM Web Team

By Logan Chaudoin

Ah, it’s finally November; the most thankful time of the year. As we wait for Thanksgiving break to approach, the days feel like they drag on and on. We are all working on last minute projects and papers that are due the week before Thanksgiving, but all the students (and professors) want is to be done with classes so we can endlessly sleep and binge Netflix for the week that leads up to all the grub of Thanksgiving dinner.

The web team at WXJM has put together a playlist to help everyone get through the last few grueling days before break. Songs like “Good Nights,” “Scenic World,” “The Best of Times,” and “Fun” are all good titled anthems to make you realize that life is good, even if break is still a week away. Turn up the tune “Holiday” by Vampire Weekend if you wanna find yourself dancing while studying for your pre-Thanksgiving test, listen to Benji Lewis so you can “Drift” into some relaxation with a nice jam moving through your head, or turn on “Alive and A Well” by Vagabon for a slow song to end the day. If you are in an instrumental mood, then “Free” by Flume and “Smile Meditation” by Vulfpeck are two great choices to get you feeling good. The perfect song to lead you up to the day of Thanksgiving itself, “One Big Holiday” by My Morning Jacket, will get you feeling extra thankful. All of the songs on the playlist are lighthearted jams that will get the sun to shine on even the gloomiest of fall days.

No matter what you’re doing this week leading up to Thanksgiving, don’t forget to take some time to yourself to unwind and be thankful not only for music, but for college radio.


xX Long live college radio Xx