Show Spotlight: Sweaty Nuisance

By Nick Piccinino

Who are the two faces behind Friday's show Sweaty Nuisance? Find out more about Sara Brennan, senior media arts and design and social work double major, and Ingrid Basheda, senior media arts and design major. Both of whom are also on WXJM's second line team.


How did you decide on the name Sweaty Nuisance?

Sara: “It was definitely before we signed up. We hadn’t really met each other but [another WXJM member] kinda set us up together because we both didn’t have a co-host. It was really hot that day for show sign-ups. We both walked to the station and we were both sweating.

Ingrid: I think it was [former General Manager, Mike Dolzer] who referred to the day as a sweaty nuisance.”

Sara: “And the show has been a sweaty nuisance ever since.”


How long have you been involved in WXJM?

Ingrid: “I joined my sophomore year.”

Sara: "I joined the semester before but I didn’t have a show until I met you.”


What is your favorite thing about working in college radio?

Ingrid: "Every time I think about WXJM I can’t help but wish I had joined earlier. I had always known about it my freshman year and was like, ‘This is so awesome. I just need to do this.’ It was just, like, scary joining something on my own. I always knew that it was something I was going to enjoy and that it was the people I was going to be friends with and get along with so well.”

Sara: “I totally agree. I think every day how much I wish I had joined as a freshman but none of my friends were into this kind of stuff. It turns out my better friends and people I have more in common with tend to be involved in radio. I definitely found my people once I joined I think.


Why do you think WXJM is important?

Sara: "I think it’s important because like … radio attracts people who are kind of artsy and really care about art and local music. I think it really gives students a voice and when you go to a huge university … there’s not really something for that artsy, poetry-freak, and here’s radio.”

Ingrid: “I feel like it’s the thing that people who don’t want to conform to normality conform to this.”

Sara: “It’s also just such a powerful thing to be able to broadcast something.”


What do you think can be improved?

Ingrid: “I feel like we’re doing a lot of things that have needed to be improved. I think everyone who is in their designated position is doing a lot for what the station needs.”

Sara: “It seems like the people who are getting involved truly care and are really passionate about this as opposed to people who are required to do this on a deadline. I think there is more of a love and appreciation for the radio then there used to be."


Any advice for the readers?

Ingrid: “If people feel like they haven’t found their people at JMU and if they’re nervous to do something … they should just do it because college is short.”

Sara: “Continuing to pursue art is something I think we should all do because it’s the ultimate human expression and finding a way to do that can be really challenging .”

Ingrid: “Especially when college kills your soul.”

Sara: “Yeah, don’t let college kill your soul.”


Photo: Courtesy of Ingrid Basheda. Starting left: Sara Brennan and Ingrid Basheda.


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