WXJM interview with Julia Willinger

Julia Willinger, the VP of A&R Records and Publishing at mom + pop music (http://www.momandpopmusic.com/), was able to have a chat with me and give some great insights to the world of A&R. One of the artists that Julia has been working with since joining the team at mom + pop music 4 months ago is a favorite at WXJM... Jagwar Ma!



WXJM:  How did you get your start in the music industry?

Julia: I started as an intern at Octone records as a general intern. My friend found the job for me on monster.com! I had no idea what I would be doing but it changed my life forever! I knew from that moment on I wanted to work in music and that I wanted to do A&R.



WXJM: Where did that lead to/how did that get you to where you are today?

Julia: I would say through my internships, my work on campus at school, my jobs at XL recordings, RCA and starting my own label, plus doing publishing all contributed to getting where I am today. Passion, hard work, pushing forward and fighting for my beliefs all did this. Making good connections with bands and mentors, while keeping in touch, always helps.



WXJM: How do you find new artists to shop?

Julia: Do you ever go through attorneys or other industry contacts? Yes sometimes through other contacts, but also through friends, blogs, concerts, non-comm radio, etc.



WXJM: Above all, what do you look for in an artist?

Julia: Originality, a great, refreshing sound and perspective. Early days and something fresh.



WXJM: What has been your proudest moment while working with Mom + Pop?

Julia: Thus far, it's only been 4 months, but putting in an offer for a band!



WXJM: How do you think the role of A&R will develop in the future?

Julia: I think A&R will be less and less for labels and more for other areas within the industry.




Interview by: Morgan Schaffner