DJ Of The Month

Congrat's to WXJM's DJ of the Month for December, Wes Malinchock!

By: Emma Korynta

What's your music taste?
Punk and hip hop are my favorites, but I listen to a pretty wide variety of music. I really try to expose myself to a lot of different stuff as much as possible. My favorite band at the moment is Radkey, who just came out with an amazing new album.
Tell us about your show-what's it called, when is it, what do you usually play? My show this semester was called "The Good Morning Garage" show and was from 6-8am on Tuesdays. At first the show was pretty strictly punk, but as the semester went on, I started to really take advantage of the free-form spot and just played whatever I was listening to at the time.

What's your DJ style?
My DJ style is pretty chill and standard. This semester was my first time DJ-ing, so I kept it pretty "by the book" and went based on what I had heard on college radios back home in Chapel Hill. I hope to kind of "evolve" my style in the future, and hopefully I'll have more will to do that when I'm not DJ-ing at 6am next to semester (not that I didn't love doing my show).

Tell us a little bit about yourself as a student/person etc.
I am a sophomore Computer Science student. Outside of radio I enjoy camping, hiking, and biking. I am on the JMU Cycling team and am also involved in a lot of Computer Science based clubs.