WXJM Live — shaking up Thursday nights

By Logan Chaudoin

Thursday September 14th, 2017 was the first night that WXJM Live came back on the air for the 2017-2018 school year, hosted by Just Mike and Chatty Kathy (Mike Dolzer and Katie Feinberg). The show got started with Chatty Kathy’s simple jokes and enthusiasm for the first band of the year, The Firnats.

Composed of four guys who bonded through high school, Sean, Seth, Griffin, and Kurtis put their talents together to play indie music that they described as “entry level hipster garbage,” as one of them remarked — but their Facebook page claims they are “mom rock.”

The live event had an audience of about twenty people and everyone there was jamming to The Firnats for about an hour and a half long set with humorous breaks in between each song. One question they got from Chatty Kathy, “If you were a chair, what kind of chair would you be?” Their answers ranged from rocking chair, to park bench, to step stool, to bean bag chair. I really feel like you can’t get this kind of information anywhere else except for at WXJM Live.

Of course we also had to know what a Firnat is — it’s actually just a combination of Sean’s last name, Flanagan, and another former member’s last name; simple as that.

If you wanna catch The Firnats live, their tour schedule can be found on Facebook, and you can also find them on Twitter.

Catch the next WXJM Live performance any Thursday at 8 pm at the station or on 88.7 FM! Talk to Plants — an alternative and psychedelic rock band — from Williamsburg, Virginia are playing tonight.


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