Heartbreak Anthems: the Web Team's February Playlist

By Becca Roithmayr

Yeah, yeah, yeah. You’re single. It sucks. There’s a holiday reminding you of your complete and utter singleness. So what’s a gal to do? You could go Parks and Rec style and treat yourself a nice Galentine’s Day. Maybe sneak a pint of Ben & Jerry’s into the movie theater and see the next “Fifty Shades of Gray” movie with your particularly scandalous friend. Or, a free and alternative option — listen to some heartbreak anthems.

Oh yes, that silly little organ known as the heart. Where messiness exists and this specialized type of pain has no worthy component. Lucky for us, there are hundreds of thousands of other people who have experienced the same neglect or have developed trust issues. What a joy human connection and empathy can bring! Unfortunately these same connections can lead to unfulfilling relationships, which brings us to some music-driven healing.

Let me guess. Someone you matched with on a dating app embodies the type of person the stranger danger videos warned you about. The person you always make eye contact with in the Student Success Center suspiciously has a girlfriend — even though you know the connection you have is real. Regardless of why that beating pulse in your chest feels hungover, there’s a song for that.

For those seeking a complete external locus of control, turn to the songs that empower the infamous Taylor Swift mentality. You know, the f-you for screwing things up, I’m a perfect princess who deserves better type vibe. If some indie pop empowerment isn’t going to cut it, soulful hip-hop and melancholic folk songs will get you through the day. With artists ranging from a self proclaimed “all female rock and roll quartet” to Frank Ocean and a little bit of everything in between, you can spend Valentine’s day blasting music in a car ride to pick up chocolates and some roses because hey — you rock.

So sit down, unwind and listen to the lyrical inspiration of musicians who have also been screwed over. And remember — artists, they’re just like us!

Xx Long live college radio xX