The many faces of WXJM: station hosts annual picnic

By Karlee Lewis

To ring in the new school year, WXJM hosted a small cookout outside the station on Friday to bring employees, interns and other colleagues together to talk about their experiences with the station and what they’re looking forward to this year. After figuring out how to pitch a tent, using an old shower curtain for a table cloth, running back and forth to gather all of the needed materials to throw such a shindig, and making a few frantic phone calls, the picnic began at 5 p.m.

As soon as the event started, guests quickly started to appear. Everyone from faculty adviser Tom DuVal to new interns and others who simply wanted to learn more about the station were present. The sense of community and comfort was apparent, with many people quickly breaking into conversation and catching up like old friends. 

With a new year comes new goals and aspirations for the station, and of course, new positions among members. Now that WXJM is about to be back on air, everyone has something to be excited about.

“I'm excited about all of the renovations being done, it seems like the station is turning a page,” said Emily Olivier, a senior media arts and design major and Publicity & Outreach on WXJM’s Second Line. “I am excited about hosting WXJM-live with my roommate and meeting bands that come and perform in the studio.”

“I am looking forward to so much!” Cecily Thomas, a junior communications major and web show host, said. “I am hosting two shows, one with Mike and one on the side. One of them is called “Roadside Blasphemy” where we get to talk about daily events and news. The other one is queer-centered [“Queerly Beloved”] and I'm excited to do that and watch it grow because that's an aspect that isn't always shown in the media. I'm also looking forward to making new relationships with the people around me because everyone seems so nice.”

“I am looking forward to being able to do radio because it's a platform I've never been able to do before,” Abby Church, a sophomore media arts and design major said. “I'm looking forward to expanding my portfolio and this is a good way to do it.”

“As an intern I am excited to meet new people and learn things about college radio culture,” Logan Chaudoin, a senior writing, rhetoric and technical communications major and station intern, said.

“I am looking forward to getting hands-on experience within the radio station field to help with my music industry major,” Aaron McCann, senior music industry major, said.

Over many veggie and hamburgers alike, everyone at the picnic was in a optimistic mood, anticipating the exciting year ahead.

~long live college radio ~

Photos by Karlee Lewis and Logan Chaudoin