Back to school playlist from the web team

By Victoria Dravis

We’re already into the third week of the semester, and whether you are one of many students struggling to maintain decent grades, a social life, and a sufficient amount of sleep, or you came into the semester prepared and ready to tackle the next several months, the interns at WXJM have custom-built a back-to-school playlist for you. With a variety of artists and genres, you’re sure to find a song for every September moment.

Although some students are still in denial that summer is over, it doesn’t mean the season can’t be channeled through music. Los Angeles-based band LANY’s “pink skies” grasp onto whatever ounce of summer is left, allowing the listener to get lost in an end-of-season daze and the familiar feeling of ocean spray on legs. Just roll your windows down, turn up the volume, and you might even forget you have a pile of schoolwork waiting for you at home.

“Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes and Dan Deacon’s electronic track “Feel the Lightning” encourage students to kill it this semester, declaring that “a seven nation army couldn’t hold us back” and “I’m having visions…about to break through,” respectively. Visualize a success and that success will come.

Weezer pumps us up with their infectious hit “Smart Girls,” reminding us all (this applies to you, too, boys) that we’re irresistibly intelligent.

The interns have a few years of college under their belt, so trust them when they say they know the perfect beginning-of-the-semester study songs. Indie artist Mac Demarco’s “Blue Boy” appears low-key and nostalgic, only diverting your attention from your flashcards a handful of times to appreciate the lyrics. “3AM” by Thundercat provides the ambiance of an actual study session at 3 a.m. — just add a cup of tea. Jessica Lea Mayfield’s relaxed tune “Seein* Starz” can be taken literally or figuratively — you may actually be seeing stars outside the window of Carrier if you’re cramming late at night, or you’re just not used to doing so much work right after summer has ended, which is making you see stars.

In the end, though, September isn’t that bad of a month. You get to see your best friends (“I Love My Friends” by Foster the People) after an entire summer away from them. My Morning Jacket’s “Victory Dance” should not only be played at the end of the month, but at the end of every day. You made it! You’re one step closer to the end of the week! And “My Body” by Young the Giant is an ideal jam song whenever and wherever.

After a summer of fun, a full schedule of exams, presentations, and essays can be difficult to navigate, but good music will always be there for support. Show this semester who’s boss.