Slow Start to Spring: The Web Team's March Playlist

By Matt Callahan

Feeling sluggish after trying to get back into the swing of things following spring break? Was the motivation never there to begin with? Are you just barely holding things together, ticking off the days until the semester ends, even though the semester’s impending end only means that you have less time to do all the things you’re currently procrastinating? Then do we have a playlist for you!

The web team’s “Slow to Start Spring” playlist eases the listener in with some slow jams, then gets the blood pumping with up-tempo grooves. Some mellow songs you can look forward to winding down to include “No Way” by the Naked and Famous, “Blue Lights” by Jorja Smith, and “If Blue Could Be Happiness” by Florist, a wonderful song that you can learn all about here. All are great songs for reading, studying or just stretching out and relaxing to.

On the faster song end of the playlist, you can look forward to selections including “Campus” by Vampire Weekend, “Lost in the Cold” by Twiddle and “The Mask” ft. Ghostface Killa by Dangerdoom. That last song is a collaboration between legendary producer Danger Mouse and iconic rapper MF DOOM, featuring a member of the Wu Tang Clan, on an album based around Adult Swim original programming. If that isn’t high energy enough for you, maybe you should be looking for something stronger than a playlist.

So hold you head high (doesn’t matter if you’re just attempting to keep it above water, hold it high) and put on your headphones as you try to face down the rest of the academic year. Remember that your friends here at WXJM are always here for you, spinning records and making playlists.

Xx Long live college radio xX