Music You Can Study To

By: Rolando Segovia and Kayleigh Bishop

Music is often loud, but sometimes we need some quiet. Not just a low to mid-tempo track, but music that’s so quiet that it can sit in the background. This is exactly what bed music is for. It’s a genre of mostly instrumental music that’s often played in promos, announcements or commercials that provides the harmonic and rhythmic structure of the song.

It’s not the most exciting music, but if you need to clear any dead air bed music solves that problem. We’ve listed out the best songs for you, and don’t forget that they’re all available on WXJM’s database.


Ratatat — “Montania,” “Wildcat” and “Swisha”

This artist has some great examples of quiet, yet experimental tracks that are great to add to a promo for something quirky and cool.


Daniel Avery — “Radius”

This song has a soothing industrial sound that appropriately fits in the background. It’s also eight minutes long, so no need to put it on a constant loop.


Anne Roos — “I’ll Cross The Stormy Sea” & Anthony D’Amato — “Honey That’s Not All”

These songs are perfect for those who are looking for something of a different style with a slightly more acoustic, folk vibe.


Itasca — “Carousel” & Brad Mehldau Trio — “Dear Prudence”

If you’re looking for something a bit more emotional and mellow to listen to while you’re deep in thought, both of these songs hit the mark. They’re rich in the sound of slow, caressing piano playing that can lighten and relax any mood.


Christian McBride — “Miyako” & Ed Schrader’s Music Beat — “Humbucker Blues”

If you’re interested in something just as relaxing as the above, but with a different instrumental feel, these two songs are perfect. They have their own sound with round instrumentals, a more modern feel and the inclusion of techno beats.


Elite Force — “Give It To The People”

We’ve only mentioned songs with a serious, mellow or emotional tone. This song is the most appropriate song to play when you have that optimistic emotional high because sometimes we need to by happy when we study.


After reading our list, you can now find something for that perfect study session.


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