DJ Of The Month

Congrats to WXJM's DJ Of The Month: Annie Laukatis! 

By: Maeve Reiss

What's your music taste?
Independent. Her favorite band is Modest Mouse. Overall she has a wide range of taste in general and is open to a lot of new things.
Tell us about your show.
Her show is Monday mornings 10am-12pm. She doesn't have a show name yet but is working on that. She is doing it all by herself and is also involved with CMJ.
Tell us about your style as a DJ.
Her style as a DJ follows the path of variety. She tries to incorporate new stuff each time, find new music, and see what works together. She tries to keep it new and interesting each time.
Tell us a little bit about yourself as a student/person etc.
She is a junior hospitality management major with a creative writing minor. She wants to eventually be an event planner. She described herself as outgoing, friendly and down to earth. She played piano all her life and is family oriented.